Compression wear clothing has multiple benefits for people involved in all sports, during both exercise, and post exercise, in the recovery phase - especially after a big day out.
Linebreaks’ range of compression garments for male and female include long and short sleeved tops, tights, shorts, socks and sports crop top’.
Our compression clothing improves blood flow during exercise. This helps delay the onset of lactic acid and also improves lactic acid removal.
A quickly noticeable benefit of wearing compression clothing is the reduction of muscle bounce. This feeling of being ‘held’ combines with the enhancement of the ‘movement sense’ physiologic feedback mechanism - proprioception. Another benefit of reduced muscle bounce is the corresponding reduction in time needed for muscle repair, as microscopic damage during exertion is reduced.
Linebreaks improved moisture wicking management means quicker drying through evaporation following strenuous exertion. This in turn retains long-term body heat.

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